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Show-Stopping Dining

Ovation, Mayflower Restaurant

Crispy Pork Skin

 juniper skyr and rosemary salt, apple dip

Behind The Scenes

Meet Zoltan, our Head Chef at Ovation, Mayflower Restaurant

Braised Neck of Pork

sweet potatoes, plums, amaretti, shallots jus

Ovation, Mayflower Restaurant

No compromise on quality

Blackmore Venison Saddle

braised red cabbage, parsnips, port wine sauce

Ovation, Mayflower Restaurant

Contemporary dining on the third floor of Mayflower Theatre

Mandarin Cheesecake

mandarin orange jelly, maple, homemade blood orange sorbet     

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We are extremely proud to shout about our restaurant, Ovation. Proof that in-theatre dining can be sophisticated and contemporary. On the third floor of the city’s Grade II Listed Mayflower Theatre, we are ideal for pre-show and selective post-show dining as well as more leisurely dining without the show. We are also the ideal restaurant for post-show dining after some matinee performances. Our dining room is modern in style with painted wood panelling, black and white stage photo prints and high backed leather seating, tables simply styled in monochrome, with polished silver and gleaming glassware. Modern European in flavour, our menu is as sleekly up to date as our surroundings with indulgent touches that give an extra sparkle to special occasion evenings. Our top notch wine list is an excellent accompaniment.

It almost goes without saying that we offer extremely high quality and affordable dinner and show packages and of course our highly professional and efficient staff always ensure that if you’re dining pre-theatre you will never miss curtain up!

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